As the demand for Reports and data analysis solutions continues to grow so does the pressure on I.T. budgets and technically skilled staff to deliver. End user ‘solutions’ are being built to plug gaps and make up for a lack of flexibility in core reporting systems – but they do not exhibit the same automation and security features.

The Qtier-Rapor Solution

The Qtier-Rapor software product allows none technical business process owners to easily create and deploy standardised corporate reports to end users.

Reports may be created to provide simple data views or can provide more advanced data analysis functionality, including dynamic data drill-down and analysis capabilities.

Reports may be run on demand by authorised end users or scheduled to run at any pre-determined time, saving valuable end user resources and ensuring the information you require is available on time. 


Benefits include:

  • Automated Business Processes – elimination of manual processes
  • Secure Business Process Rules – tamper & corruption proof spreadsheets
  • Auditable – audit once then lock down
  • Audit Traceability – every access logged by user
  • Compliance with Legislation – all the controls of a formal IT system