Many businesses use Excel spreadsheets to complete business critical Budgeting, Forecasting, Sales, Resource and Cash Flow planning. Such spreadsheet ‘solutions’ usually start life as quick fixes to functional inadequacies in formal business systems but grow organically to become cumbersome and error prone. More…

The Qtier-Rapor Solution

Qtier-Rapor allows the creation of fully automated, secure Excel based planning solutions to meet both the current and future needs of your business.

Planning solutions created with Qtier-Rapor are fully functional and may include multiple version planning cycles, multi-currency and allow for budgeting and forecasting at all levels.

Providing real-time access to corporate data and automated central storage of end user planning inputs leads to reduced planning timescales and ensures accurate planning results are immediately available.


Benefits include:

  • Reduced Planning Cycle Timescales – a fully automated solution
  • Improved Quality of Data - centrally stored information, reduction of manual processes
  • Enhanced Decision Making – availability of timely accurate information
  • Improved User Accountability – segregation of roles, every access logged by user
  • A Secure Solution – all the security and controls of a formal IT system