Qtier-Rapor provides Security and Control

Even where legislative compliance is not a requirement Qtier-Rapor empowers your business to bring current spreadsheets under control and ensure that the latest versions can only be accessed by those authorised. More…

What key features address this problem?

Qtier-Rapor provides Security and Control features that ensure only those who are correctly authorised to spreadsheet processes can access them.

Once under the control of Qtier-Rapor all spreadsheets are automatically secure from tampering or accidental corruption and only those who are correctly authorised are able make ‘logic’ changes as part of a formal Change Control cycle.

Achieved via access rights and authorisation features it is possible to logically group spreadsheet processes onto simple user, departmental or application specific Secure Menu structures.


Benefits include:

  • Reduced Business Risk – security and authorisation
  • Secure Business Process Rules – tamper and corruption proof
  • Improved User Accountability – each spreadsheet knows who is running it
  • Formal Controls – all the controls of a ‘corporate system
  • Ease of Deployment – no specialist skills required