Qtier-Rapor ensures Compliance with Legislation more…

Organisations need to ensure that business critical spreadsheets comply with current and forthcoming legislation such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act. This is almost impossible if critical data is held in a profusion of uncontrolled spreadsheets that have very little protection against corruption or tampering. More…

What key features address this problem?

Qtier-Rapor is a framework which extends formal IT methods across spreadsheet based solutions in order that they can be auditable and secure, and so comply with legislative controls and development standards.

Containing advanced Security & Control features the framework provides powerful, intuitive functionality that enables the creation of Automated, industrial strength spreadsheet applications.

The ability to formalise spreadsheet processes by bringing them under the control of a single software framework enables centralisation.

Access control and authorisation is achieved via security policies administered through Users and Roles.

Only authorised personnel are given Change Control and Version Management capabilities to enable spreadsheets to be suspended, taken off-line for modification prior to audit check and release back into the general user population with updated version number.

Other key compliance features include Audit Traceability, with all access to controlled spreadsheet processes being recorded to a central history log by user with all associated criteria and authentication of output to ensure data validity via system generated irreproducible coded report footers.

In addition to ensuring compliance with legislation such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, Qtier-Rapor provides numerous business benefits ranging from improved security and integrity of data to audit traceability.