Qtier-Rapor enables Automation of Spreadsheets

Automate your existing spreadsheet processes with Qtier-Rapor. A primary issue with uncontrolled spreadsheet processes is the amount of manual user intervention required to maintain, manipulate and support them. Manual tasks can be performed erroneously, mis-timed or even forgotten.

Different operating assumptions can be made by different people, giving an inconsistency in the process which may mean that it completely fails when the main user is unavailable.

Legislation asks that the integrity of the process is unquestionable, but this is not possible when un-secured data goes through a chain of manual processes.

The problem is split into two areas. The first being the automation of individual spreadsheets (e.g. what data needs to be loaded onto the spreadsheet when it is opened and what steps are needed whilst it is open and when it is closed). The second area is the automation of spreadsheet process tasks (e.g. the production and distribution of the consolidated weekly accounts pack).