Qtier-Rapor enables Automation of Spreadsheets more…

Automate your existing spreadsheet processes with Qtier-Rapor. A primary issue with uncontrolled spreadsheet processes is the amount of manual user intervention required to maintain, manipulate and support them. Manual tasks can be performed erroneously, mis-timed or even forgotten. More…

What key features address this problem?

The Qtier-Rapor software framework delivers automation features in two main areas.

The automation of manual procedures required on individual spreadsheets is handled via the definition of easy to define Steps. Automation steps handle procedures such as populating data onto a spreadsheet, data write-back or running data validation routines.

Once the required steps have been created for individual spreadsheetprocesses they are logically grouped into sequences and linked to spreadsheet events such as spreadsheet open or spreadsheet close. Step sequences can be made up of sequential lists or branching can be achieved via decision logic.

The second area of automation that Qtier-Rapor addresses is that of spreadsheet process Tasks. Tasks can be created to perform numerous actions for one or more spreadsheet processes.

Tasks can be created to automate a number of different everyday jobs such as data transfer and spreadsheet distribution via shared folders, e-mail or your web site. Spreadsheet Consolidation is possible were worksheets from multiple spreadsheets can be collated to form new spreadsheets prior to Publishing.

Tasks are fully integrated with other features of Qtier-Rapor such as workflow and dependency checking and run time criteria. Tasks can also create HTML output, providing the ability to create in advance those reports that do not need to be created in real-time.

It is possible to Scheduled Spreadsheet Process Tasks to run at any given time. A useful feature for jobs such as overnight distribution of reports or data manipulation.