Qtier-Rapor enables Corporate Application Build

Because today’s corporate business systems do not encompass all business processes, spreadsheet ‘solutions’ are being built to plug gaps and make up for a lack of functionality and flexibility in core business systems – but they do not exhibit the same automation, security and control features present in formal systems.

Spreadsheets are rarely integrated with other business systems and can become isolated islands of information requiring high levels of manual intervention and maintenance. Manual re-keying of data and high risk cut-and-paste consolidation is both time consuming and prone to error making results unreliable.

Usually built on-the-fly by end users, spreadsheets are usually created for personal use by individuals in their own roles. Processes, calculations and information contained in such spreadsheets always ends up contributing to departmental or organisational performance. As a result key business processes are reliant on the contribution of one individual. Supported business process will fail if such an individual becomes unavailable.