Qtier-Rapor enables Corporate Application Build more…

Because today’s corporate business systems do not encompass all business processes, spreadsheet ‘solutions’ are being built to plug gaps and make up for a lack of functionality and flexibility in core business systems – but they do not exhibit the same automation, security and control features present in formal systems. More…

What key features address this problem?

The Qtier-Rapor software framework has been developed to ensure the spreadsheets that support key business processes can be constructed to be fully automated and secure.

Containing advanced Security & Control features the framework provides powerful, intuitive functionality that enables the creation of Automated, industrial strength spreadsheet applications.

Enabling secure real-time Access to Corporate Data ensures that spreadsheet applications always reflect the latest business status and eliminates the need for costly and error prone manual re-keying of data.

The ability to write-back intermediate results to Rapor’s User Defined Data Repository ensures the concept of Single Source of Data can be adopted throughout both corporate business systems and spreadsheet applications alike. This concept eliminates the need for the high risk and time consuming data consolidation process.

Utilising dynamic run time criteria it is possible to ensure that there is only one Single Spreadsheet Process in existence to support each unique business process. This feature enables the creation of scaleable spreadsheet applications that are able to grow and change as the business process changes.

The ability to automate manual tasks through easy to define Step Design enables the creation of highly powerful and flexible spreadsheet processes.

The ability to sense check results for ‘reasonableness’ and prevent unauthorised end user amendment to locked business process rules guarantee the validity and integrity of information.

It is possible for authorised end users to run real-time ad-hoc Instant Reports and Data Queries direct from Excel to further analyse information without running the risk of corrupting secured spreadsheet processes.