Qtier-Rapor enables Corporate Application Build

Because today’s corporate business systems do not encompass all business processes, spreadsheet ‘solutions’ are being built to plug gaps and make up for a lack of functionality and flexibility in core business systems – but they do not exhibit the same automation, security and control features present in formal systems. More…

What key features address this problem?

The Qtier-Rapor software framework has been developed to ensure the spreadsheets that support key business processes can be constructed to be fully automated and secure.

Containing advanced Security & Control features the framework provides powerful, intuitive functionality that enables the creation of Automated, industrial strength spreadsheet applications.

Enabling secure real-time Access to Corporate Data ensures that spreadsheet applications always reflect the latest business status and eliminates the need for costly and error prone manual re-keying of data.


Benefits include:

  • Automated Business Processes – elimination of manual processes
  • Secure Business Process Rules – tamper & corruption proof spreadsheets
  • Auditable – audit once then lock down
  • Audit Traceability – every access logged by user
  • Compliance with Legislation – all the controls of a formal IT system