Metropolitan Council Choose to Extend Use of Qtier-Rapor

October 7th, 2015

Our long term customer, a large metropolitan council with a revenue budget of £1.4 billion has announced its intention to continue to benefit from using the proven Qtier-Rapor software product as part of a major Enterprise Management Systems replacement project.

A user of the Qtier-Rapor software product for over eight years, our client required a means of accurately tracking spend against budget and forecast monthly the likely out-turn for the year.

Previously Month Ending Reporting was cumbersome with disparate processes and hundred’s of spreadsheets. Our client required a tool that would support all financial reporting requirements, with the capability to be deployed to thousand’s of users whom posses various levels of Excel expertise. The system needed to be owned and supported by the central finance team, and allow controlled input of forecasts into the central finance database. Security and data validation at point of entry were paramount and secure interfacing with the new ERP system were required.

Our client implemented Qtier-Rapor – a secure method of delivering reports to users through an Excel spreadsheet interface, with automation to validate user input and update input information to the central financial database. The solution allowed each of the directorates working as a team to build a “core report”. This single report presents the user, from director to cost centre manager with a consistent spreadsheet layout, detailing actual spend against budget for their area of operation only. The user can drill down to an “Analysis Table” containing supporting details. The Core Report replaces over 20 previous separate reports.

Immediate validation against the ERP database ensures only valid combinations of cost centre and detail code can be added to a forecast, thus retaining the real time nature of the system. Exceptions can be annotated at every point. Reports compare actual spend and predicted year-end out-turn with budgets and cash limits. The system also reports on the status of completion at each cost centre in order to identify bottlenecks.

Having successfully implemented Qtier-Rapor, our client benefited in a reduction in time from period end to full availability of reports, time saving in each directorate on clerical tasks e.g. file downloads and manual cut & paste activity. Flexibility of the Qtier-Rapor designs means that the system can be deployed immediately then maintained and evolved with full version control by the finance community.

Our client now looks to continue to capitalise on the proven benefits of the Qtier-Rapor software framework as it migrates to the Integra Enterprise Business System.

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